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Shorstein & Kelly has been helping birth mothers and adoptive families for more than 30 years. We’ve helped scores of pregnant Florida women through the emotional process of giving a baby up for adoption, taking great care to provide everything needed for both mother and baby during the process as adoptive families are found.

Adoption Attorneys

Michael and Brian

Board Certified Adoption Attorneys

Michael and Brian are Florida-based board certified adoption attorneys with more than 30 years’ experience working together and 70 years of combined legal experience with adoptions.

They were one of the first attorneys in Florida to become board certified in adoption law through The Florida Bar and they were both awarded the prestigious United States Congressional “Angels in Adoption” Award.

Their vision includes not only being the best adoption attorneys based on qualifications but also having the highest quality service. Since 1992, Michael and Brian have built the practice of adoption law around the needs of their clients and not simply the transactional nature of filing out paper work and filing documents with the court.

They welcome questions from birth mothers who want to learn more about giving up a baby for adoption, or, more correctly, making an adoption plan for a baby, without pressure, judgment, cost, or obligation. They’ll take whatever time is needed because they care about what they are doing. They are deeply committed to providing personalized one-on-one service.   

Attorney Bar Numbers:
Michael A. Shorstein: 559644    Brian T. Kelly: 362611    

Eric W. Leb

Associate Adoption Attorney
Eric Leb joined the law firm of Shorstein & Kelly in early 2020. Eric is originally from Daytona Beach. Upon graduating from law school, he accepted a job at the State Attorney’s Office in Daytona Beach, where he worked for seven years gaining extensive community experience. Through this work, Eric developed a greater understanding of the need for more compassion, empathy, and kindness toward others.
Eric is a member of the Florida Adoption Council and has been a wonderful addition to the team at Shorstein & Kelly. His dedication and commitment to a positive adoption experience is noticed by all, particularly birth mothers and adoptive parents. Being devoted to helping others serves as one of Eric’s finest qualities.

Attorney Bar Number:
Eric W. Leb:  102712


Staff Of Advisors

002-Tara Ridlon--D3Z_6344-min

Tara Ridlon

Adoption Case Manager
Tara has over 30 years of experience working closely with birth mothers, adoptive parents, agencies, and other adoption professionals. Throughout the adoption process she provides education, guidance and support to birth mothers and adoptive parents. Once the adoption plan is completed, Tara remains available for questions, advice, or assistance with questions that may arise in later years. Her passion for adoption helps create a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed.

Aryn Adcox

Legal Assistant
As our legal assistant, Aryn maintains all adoption legal files in the office. She prepares, organizes, and files all court pleadings, affidavits, and legal documentation. Aryn also works with birth parents and adoptive parents coordinating different aspects of the adoption plan. For birth fathers, she ensures compliance with statutory requirements in each adoption. Aryn joined the firm in 2012 as birth parent and peer support and was promoted to legal assistant in less than a year. Aryn’s loyalty and experience allow her to create excellent client relations.
004- Aryn Adcox--D3Z_6344-min

Benay Shorstein Leb

Adoption Specialist
Benay joined our office as an Adoption Specialist. She works closely with birth mothers to ensure their daily needs are met, as well as managing marketing and administrative support. Benay started at Shorstein & Kelly in 2018 after working as a marketing specialist with a national retailer for many years.

Rachael Penny

Birth Parent And Peer Support
Rachael is our first point of contact with birth mothers and adoptive parents serving as the office receptionist. She also assists with birth mother care by handling their day-to-day needs and monitoring post placement photographs and updates for open adoptions. She joined Shorstein & Kelly in 2022.
08 - Rachael Penny

Supported by a sensitive and knowledgeable staff, our firm provides comprehensive adoption services, including:


Matching and placement services


Identified adoptions


Interstate adoptions


Stepparent, grandparent, relative and adult adoptions

NO CHARGE to birth mothers for adoption services

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