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Michael A. Shorstein

With over three decades of dedicated service, Michael A. Shorstein is a distinguished board-certified adoption attorney known for his unwavering support of birth mothers. Alongside his partner, Brian Kelly, Michael has helped thousands of families achieve their dreams of parenthood.
Attorney Bar Number: Michael A. Shorstein: 559644


A third-generation Jacksonville native, Michael pursued his education at the University of Florida, where he earned a degree in accounting before becoming a certified public accountant (CPA) with a prominent accounting firm.

Despite his success in the field of accounting, Michael felt a calling to pursue a career in law. After marrying and relocating to Tallahassee, he returned to school at the Florida State University College of Law, where he graduated with high honors.

Personal History

His legal career began in Orlando, where he represented NFL players and coaches before ultimately returning to Jacksonville. In 1989, Michael’s legal journey took a transformative shift when he handled his first adoption case.

Recognizing the impact he could make in the field of adoption, he co-founded Shorstein & Kelly in 1992 with three other attorneys, including his current partner, Brian Kelly. Since then, Michael’s practice has focused exclusively on adoption, helping thousands of families achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Role & Responsibilities
at the Firm

Drawing on his background as a CPA, Michael oversees all administrative functions within the firm, including accounting and client management. He also plays a crucial role in guiding clients through the adoption process, offering support and guidance every step of the way.

Michael views his role not only as a legal advocate but also as a counselor, guiding clients through the emotional journey of building their families. The most satisfying aspect of his job is witnessing the hopes and dreams of families become a reality through adoption.

Professional Achievements

Along with his partner, Brian, Michael was one of the first attorneys in Florida to become board-certified in adoption law through The Florida Bar. In 2005, he was nominated by Senator Bill Nelson to receive the prestigious National Angels in Adoption Award.

Additionally, Michael was appointed by the President of the Florida Bar to chair the state’s very first adoption law certification committee, allowing him to help establish guidelines and best practices for Florida adoption law practitioners. He now serves as an active member of the Florida Bar.

Dedication to Adoption Law

Michael’s dedication to adoption law shines through his enduring partnership with Brian, spanning for over 30 years. This longevity stands as his proudest achievement, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to serving families.

Together, they have positively impacted over 3,000 families, reflecting their shared dedication to making a meaningful difference in adoption. Outside of his legal career, Michael enjoys traveling and cherishes spending time with his wife and growing family, including his children and grandchildren.

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