Technology’s Positive Impact on Open Adoption

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Discover Why Birth Mothers Embrace Open Adoptions

A recent study of more than a thousand birth parent experiences after 2010 has shown that birth mothers and fathers who chose adoption for their child reported significantly higher satisfaction with their decision. 

This change is due to the growing number of open adoptions and the greater availability of accurate adoption information.

Smartphones Revolutionize Adoption

The turning point came around 2010, when smartphones became common for everyone to own. Smartphones revolutionized communication, making it easier than ever to share information. This reshaped the landscape of adoption. 

This shift also led to more open adoptions, bringing birth parents and adoptive families closer together.

Texting’s Impact on Adoption Communication

As smartphones began changing how we communicated, texting became a game-changer in the adoption process. 

Birth mothers and adoptive parents began communicating regularly via text, fostering a closer and quicker connection. Adoptive parents could share pictures and updates effortlessly, eliminating the need to go through an adoption agency.

Empowering Birth Parents

At Shorstein & Kelly, we understand that making the decision to place your child for adoption is deeply personal and emotional. That’s why we empower birth parents by putting the choice in their hands. 

When you work with our team, you decide which loving family will adopt your child and the level of post-placement contact that suits your needs.

Your Partner in Personalized Adoption Journeys

At Shorstein & Kelly, our team of dedicated private adoption attorneys offers an array of loving, carefully-screened families, eager to embrace a new member. 

Our team ensures that you remain in control of your adoption journey, deciding which family will adopt your child and the level of post-placement contact you prefer. 

With this personalized approach, placing your baby for adoption becomes a more comfortable and reassuring experience. When you work with Shorstein & Kelly, your adoption journey is truly in your hands. 

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